We started from a 3-person team of architect, engineer and interior designer who want to leverage each other’s expertise to provide a comprehensive approach to designing and building cafeteria, restaurant and special business projects.

Since then, we have been growing fast to serve large base of customers and address a variety of highly complex demand around Ho Chi Minh and neighboring provinces. Proudly, majority of our sales come from client referral.


Meet & Greet

At Jara D&B, we highly value customers’ personality and taste. As such, the first interaction with customers plays an important role in the journey of partnership with customers. Our team is experienced in holding deep conversation and discussion to uncover customers’ problem, understand customer need and master customers’s working style. All is to ensure a solid result and smooth process

Idea & Concept

Once mastering client need, we move to creative process where we craft out multiple ideas and concepts. We love to exercise our creativity but always keep in mind what clients really want. A variety of options will be presented to clients and will be revised until we reach client’s satisfaction


We provide a blueprint with much detail as possible, including material, supplier, tech specification. In addition, clients get updated new material and technology which brings value to the whole process.

We work with a network of trusted construction contractors that ensures design and build process integrated.


We don’t design and then disappear. Client often finds struggling deal with contractors by themselves. They see a beautiful design but it turns out to less expected since contractors try to save cost and compromise the quality. Don’t worry. We offer supervision work that ensure the best realization of the design


Design from the Inside Out

Design is not about the style, design begins from the inside.

The Inside-Out approach is rooted in the heart and mind of our architects and designers team.
At JARA D&B, we strive everyday to satisfy your requirement by balancing functional and aesthetic aspect in any of our designs. We first work from the needs, then the aesthetics .
We challenge ourselves to bring excellence designs to all of our projects.
To have your premises fully furnished, we are strongly committed to efficiency that maximize your investment.


Our sustainable growth comes from the ability to attract and retain a great team of talents. To facilitate it, our company culture is built on a set of 4 values: Customer-centric, Curiosity, Creativity and Connectivity


Designers have a big ego. They tend to over-demonstrate their uniqueness. At Jara, we refrain that. We work side-by-side with you to combine your need and our talent in deliver satisfactory results. We listen more than we talk.


We don’t stop. Our team is always “hungry” for new knowledge and find ways to adapt it into our design. From big thing such as green building to common concern as affordable working desk, our team learn on the go.


There is no ordinary work in our design. We understand that interior design is a complex work that has no universal rule. There’s always a difference in premise location, space shape, feng shui, and beyond those is your identity. We exert creativity smartly to bring you the best solution.




Jara was founded by a good mix of architecture, engineer and designer who aim to maximize space through integrated design. Connectivity facilitates collaboration and communication, inspiring you live and work to fullest




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